Morocco, a country where you not only can find colorful markets and quiet brick alleys but also incredible mountain ranges, ancient cities, deserted views and warm hospitality.

Morocco's cities were some of the most exciting cities I’ve ever visited.

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I would recommend you to visit Morocco around Spring and Autumn. Try to avoid summer in Morocco. In the desert, the temperatures can get up to 45 degrees Celcius.

I know, that’s HOT!

We visited Morocco at the end of March until the first week of April and the weather was perfect. Not too hot but not too cold.




-          Stay in a Riad

-          Visit the Jardin Majorelle

-          Take a look of the Bahia Palace

-          Ben Youssef Medersa (Islamic school)

-          Jamaa El-Fnaa (the market square)

-          Don’t forget to enjoy a fresh orange juice


-          Stay in a Riad

-          Medersa Attarine (islamic school)

-          Visit the Chouara Tanneries

-          Take a look of the Dar al-Makhzen Royal Palace

-          Wander the biggest Medina of Morocco

-          View of the Medina from a rooftop

-          Visit Chefchaouen (The blue city) it’s only a 3,5 hours drive from Fez.



When visiting Morocco I definitely recommend you to stay in a Riad. But what’s a Riad?

A Riad is a moroccan traditional house with an interior garden and usually with a private pool.

The best part of staying in a Riad is that you feel like you’re home. The owners of a Riad normally live there and they will treat you like family.


Here are the places where we stayed in each city:


Riad BE Marrakech (link: https://www.be-marrakech.com)


To get to Merzouga and go camel trekking we booked a private tour with Desert Day Tours (link: http://www.desertdaytours.com).


Dar Anebar Fez (link: http://www.daranebar.com)



Morocco has a cuisine full of colors. In the city of Marrakech and Fez you can find traditional and fusion restaurants anywhere. My favorite one was Café Clock and it’s located in both cities.

Don’t forget to try Tagine and some couscous!



-          If you want to buy something don’t forget to negotiate. Most of the prices are doubled for tourists

-          Try to avoid going to the Medina alone, especially at night.

-          Before travelling to Morocco check if you need a Visa first. As a Dominican you need to apply for a Visa before visiting Morocco.

-          I recommend you to download the app „Maps Me“ (wifi free) before going to the Medina. You can get lost really easy

-          Before leaving Morocco try to be at the airport at least 2-3 hours before departure

-          A taxi from the airport to the medina from Marrakech shouldn’t cost more than 150 dirhams

-          Don’t let anybody tell you that there are other alternative ways.

-          We recommmend you to stay longer in Fez than in Marrakech, It's more pleasant, you get to know the culture very well. The medina is bigger but not as hectic as in Marrakech, because you won’t see any motorcycle inside the Medina and the weather is not that hot.



Did you know that in Morocco you can have all four seasons in one day?

On our adventure through Morocco we saw from snowy mountains, green landscapes full of flowers, to the warm desert, everything.



Morocco can be as cheap or as expensive as you like.

Food and staying in Riads are normally low-cost.

For more information about the costs of our stays and activities from our trip in Morocco, feel free to contact me!

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Riad BE Marrakech

Riad BE Marrakech

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