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The home of the most incredible landscapes, perfect for winter sports, and with the best food ever, especially if you’re a cheese lover. 

This Swiss getaway is packed with breathtaking views, from the Alpine foothills to the deep-blue waters of Lake Lucerne.




We stayed at the most incredible resort known as Bürgenstock Hotel & Spa. If you’re looking for a chillax weekend and the most spectacular views of Lake Lucerne, I will totally recommend you this place.



#cheesecoma here we come. If you’re a cheese lover, Switzerland is the right place for you. I would definitely treat myself with a traditional dish like a cheese fondue or raclette. At last don’t forget to order a swiss chocolate fondue. 

Visiting a Fondue-Igloo is a must when visiting Switzerland. This was an incredible experience, which started on a cable car that takes you to the top of the snow-covered Entstigenalp. The inside of the igloo looks colder than it really is. After having a hot cheese fondue and some tea or wine you will get warm anyways.

Restaurants recommendations:

-      Fondue House in Lucerne

-      Fondue-Iglu on Enstigenalp in Adelboden



-       Definitely rent a car. It’s easier to get to any place but don’t drive too fast, their speeding tickets are not very money friendly.

-       If you’re visiting the Fondue-Igloo try to make a reservation not later than 8PM because the last cable car ride it’s at 7:30PM (link: http://www.fondue-iglu.ch)

-       Switzerland is a little bit more expensive than other European countries. Don’t forget that before traveling there.

-      To visit Switzerland you only need a valid passport. But if you’re Dominican or from any of these other countries check this link to see if you require a Visa: https://www.sem.admin.ch/dam/data/sem/rechtsgrundlagen/weisungen/visa/bfm/bfm-anh01-liste1-e.pdf



Did you know that Switzerland has four official languages? 

-       German

-       French

-       Italian

-       Romansh*

*Romansh is a romance language, descendant of the spoken Latin Language



As I said before, Switzerland is a little bit more expensive than other European countries. 

For more information about the costs of our stay and activities from our trip in Lucerne, feel free to contact me!

Tips & Tricks

Tips & Tricks

Bürgenstock Resort

Bürgenstock Resort

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