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  •  If you want to buy something, especially at a market, don’t forget to negotiate. Most of the prices are doubled for tourists

  • Taxis are really cheap in Abu Dhabi, so no need to rent a car

  •  In Dubai you can use the metro or bus, because taxis are more expensive

  • Before travelling to UAE check if you need a Visa first. As a Dominican you need to apply for a Visa before visiting UAE. The process is really easy online. 

  • Wherever you are, always show respect to locals, their customs and traditions

  • English is one of their main languages, so you won’t have difficulties speaking to others

  • Try to avoid showing public affection to your partner because it’s a disrespect to their culture

  • Don’t drink or eat inside the Metro in Dubai, it could be expensive

  • Avoid the dates for Ramadan when visiting UAE

  • When visiting the Burj Khalifa definitely book the “At the Top, Burj Khalifa SKY”

  • Food and drinks are normally a little bit expensive, so don’t forget to look out for ladies night restaurants.

  • If going shopping is on your list try to go at the end of January. You’ll find a lot of sales.

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